Your Birthing Options

WOW, you’re pregnant!  Congratulations now let’s dive deep into your birthing options! 

I bet you have a million and one questions running through your mind about the baby and what will happen to your body during your pregnancy. You want to make sure you’re well informed and make all the right choices for yourself and your family. But googling your options can be pretty overwhelming. 

What if I told you that I can help pluck some of those questions from your mind and make sense of them! A comprehensive list of birthing options that you have access to in Cairns, FNQ!. How cool right?!

In Cairns, you have the option of going private or public for your birth, and you also of the option of a homebirth with a private midwife. 

If you choose to use the public hospital system your GP will give you a referral when you confirm your pregnancy with your blood test. Once you have your referral you will have serval options for your maternity care, 

  1. Routine care—your care is provided in the hospital and you may be seen by doctors or midwives.
  2. Midwife care—your care is provided by a midwife or group of midwives in some public hospitals. To access a hospital-based midwife, 
  3. Continuity of midwifery care (Midwifery Group Practice)—your care is provided by a midwife during your pregnancy when having your baby and for up to 6 weeks after the baby is born.
  4. GP shared care—your care is shared between your GP and the local hospital doctors and midwives. Not all GPs provide maternity shared care.
  5. Private Midwifery care—a private midwife or midwife in a team will provide all of your care including when you have your baby and for up to 6 weeks after the baby is born. You can choose your own midwife, but they must have to admitting rights to the hospital you plan to deliver at. You will be responsible for the cost of private midwifery care. Medicare rebates are available.

If you choose to birth within the private hospital system there will be an upfront cost to access these services unless you have private health insurance. 

There are certain requirements with health funds to be sure to talk to your provider and get all the facts that your insurance covers you for! 

Within the private system, you can choose, 

  • Private obstetric care—your care is provided by an obstetrician who specialises in caring for women with complicated pregnancies or special circumstances. If you choose to be cared for by a private obstetrician in a private hospital, you will need a referral from a GP
  • Private midwife care—your care is provided by a midwife, or group of midwives, from a private group practice or hospital. You can choose to have your baby in hospital or at home.

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Homebirths are usually an option for women if they are seen to have a ‘low-risk pregnancy’. Your GP will be able to explain the medical term and information around what they mean by this. Homebirths are a fantastic option for you that work along with your hormones and primal brain to keep you relaxed and safe during your labour. If you’re looking to achieve a physiological birth that is holistic then a homebirth could be right up your alley!

The main disadvantage to having a homebirth is if there are complications you will need to be transferred to the hospital to receive medical care, you need to factor this into your birth plan. 

With homebirths, your private midwife will have access to birthing pools and birthing props to make your labour active labour. There are a few private Midwives to choose from in Cairns, the best way to find the right person for you is to jump onto the Cairns Birth Collective website and see some beautiful Midwives who are connected through this space. 

Lastly, I want to mention the option that you as the birthing woman have the ability to birth at home with no medical assistance at all. This term is called a ‘Freebrith’, I’m sure you have heard of the term before as it has gained traction and popularity in recent years. 

Women are becoming frustrated with the Birthing system within the hospital and are looking to take back their control and birth their way. 

Having a Freebirth takes a deeper level of knowledge about the physiological process of birth and trust in your body and your baby. Being that you are choosing not to have medical support with you, having a Doula to educate and provide emotional support is a really positive outcome for the birthing woman and birth partner. I would highly recommend if you are choosing to freebirth that you get the support of a Doula. 

Here are some helpful websites to get you started on the way of choosing the right way to birth for you and your family.

And here are a few Healthcare providers that can assist you on your birthing journey,

Perri Miller 

Birth & You Doula Service Cairns FNQ

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