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I’m a Mum, Healer & lover of all things birth

I'm a mother to three beautiful humans, Archie, Remi & Addie. 
Each pregnancy, birth and postpartum was as unique as they all are. With growth, learning and devastation of losing our son Remi, this has shaped every cell of my being. 

My diversity and own life experience has shaped how I work as a Birth and Postpartum Doula. I use my own personal healing journey, life experiences and qualifications apart of my tool bag within my professional practice. 

When I was pregnant with my first born Archie I researched and prepared for our birth, I read what I loved & listened to anything that sang familiar to me. At the time I didn’t realise that birth preparation is as much as a inward journey as it is an outward, information gathering journey. I lacked the confidence and intuition to truly listen to my & my babies needs.

So, this sent me on a huge journey of self discovery and healing. This time has taught me how to love myself, respect my needs and who I want to be as a person in this world. All qualities that I bring to my business and work today.

I believe in mother centred care. if the mother is held, heard & supported her whole family unit will thrive. It is unfortunate that this era of time we live in such a disconnected society that does not value mothers and their role within the fabrics of society. This is my focus to change. Ensuring that every family or woman I walk alongside, feels held, heard and supported. 

 I’m located in Cairns, far North Queensland. 



I’m a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner for the past 10 years now!

My journey into becoming a Birth & Postpartum Doula started when I was informally invited to the birth of a dear reiki & message client of mine. I had walked along side that mother during her pregnancy with her first son, we formed a deep connection that lead to her asking me to be at her birth. 
What an honour I thought, and from then on I knew that I needed to do this for the rest of my time. 

I firstly studied with Julia Jones, Newborn Mother Collective, to qualify as a postpartum Doula.This really shaped me and my beliefs around Postpartum and brings about many techniques that I'll use with you, if you allow me to join you on your journey! 
I then went to study to become a Doula with Vicki Hobbs from  Doula Training Academy, to formalise my birth keeping knowledge and bring about a whole tool kit filled to the brim with tools that I can share with you.

Throughout my working time as a healer, I’ve worked with women at all stages of life, but especially connecting to women going through conception through to postpartum.
After having my son I knew I wanted to be apart of a new way to birth, a gentle practice that is holistically focusing on the mother and how it can better serve her. 



Doula Training Academy Birthing Doula 
Newborn Mother Collective Postpartum Doula
Breastfeeding Education With Maternal Instincts 
Massage Therapist 
Reiki Practitioner Level 1&2 

to say im passionate is an 


I love what I do and I live it every day. 

As your Doula I want you to feel like I’ve been here all along for you, someone you can trust and confide in, someone who listens and gives you that gentle nudge when you need it. My role is to help emotionally & spiritually guide you through your pregnancy and postpartum. 

I hope that you know how powerful you are, you have come this far in knowing your worth and that you deserve more than what our society gives mothers. Choosing the right Doula is extremely important, we’re going to spend A LOT of time together, so let’s make sure we’re on the same page and the vibes are flowing beautifully. 

Working with me will be a mixture of spiritual connection, education & knowledge and a downright service to you. 

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So looking forward to connecting and creating magic for YOU!