Birth, Postpartum & BREASTFEEDING book  

Introducing Birth and You Doula's comprehensive birthing booklet, designed specifically for expectant parents on their beautiful journey to parenthood. This invaluable resource, crafted with care by Perri, with years of experience as a Doula and Childbirth Educator.
Soft to touch hard copy, A5 size that fits nicely in your bag or bookshelf. A perfect addition to your journey!!

In the chapters 

〰️ Birth Imprint 
〰️ The who's who's of care providers 
〰️ Journal Promotes 
〰️ The nitty gritty questions 
〰️ Birth Preparation Worksheet
〰️ Your Hormones During Labour 
〰️ When Things Don't Go to Plan
〰️ Creating a calming birthing environment 
〰️ How your support person is more than a bystander
〰️ Early vs Established Labour 
〰️ Stages of Labour
〰️ Staying Active During Labour 
〰️ Birthing Positions
〰️ Massage & How to do it 
〰️ Your Placenta Now What 

Want to feel confident in all your decision making
INFORMED & educated with up to date information   

*insert birthing you booklet 

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〰️ What Is an Induction? 
〰️ What Are The Risks? 
〰️ How to make the induction process calm 
〰️ Caesarean Birth What Can I Expect 
〰️ Why Are There So Many People? 
〰️ Different types of Caesarean 
〰️ Your Choices
〰️ Healing 
〰️ The Checklists
〰️ Reflection
〰️ Journal Prompts
〰️ The Golden Hour 
〰️ Making The Right Choices For You And Your Family 
〰️ Breastfeeding in the first six weeks 
〰️ The Role of Your Support Person
〰️ Postpartum 
〰️ Boundaries
〰️ Insourcing & Outsourcing 
〰️ Resources, websites & much more!

Plus so much more!!

journey through  birth with 

 confidence     power


From start to finish I take a holistic approach to empowering mothers to be, incorporating massage, reiki, education and informed information.


I'm Perri.

I’m a doula who works with pregnant families from preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I’m also a massage and reiki therapist who’s been healing for 10 years!

My business is all about helping inform and educate people, I want you to go into your births with confidence and power. It is our rite of passage!

doula. mama. healer.

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Kind Words

Perri is the complete package. 
A strong woman who can be your voice, 
A healer who’s touch releases the pain, 
A positive energy who soothes your soul, 
An artist who captures the moments, 
A friend who provides knowledge and support. 

The moment Perri arrived at my birth I felt my body and mind relax, enabling me to enter my hypnobirthing state of bliss and connection with my baby. Trusting your doula is crucial in being able to enter this state of mind, where your body then delivers the miracle it’s created. Not only did Perri help me in crucial moments through the senses of touch, visions, smells and hearing, she captured my birth through photography and videography which I will cherish forever. 

The relationship Perri and I have built from the very beginning of my pregnancy to the post partum period in my life is truly something special, which I know is life long and unique. My baby and I were able to experience a natural birth exactly the way i envisioned it, knowing Perri was there in the background ensuring we were protected and respected at all times.

Thank you @birthandyou for providing such an incredible service and package for women, their bodies and babies. I believe everyone should have a doula like you in their life and pregnancy/birthing journey, starting motherhood in the most positive ways possible.