Rebirthing You Workshop is for the one who wants to have all the information at their fingertips. To walk into labour with confidence knowing that you have done the work and will rock this! 

With only 5 spaces available be sure not to miss out!!

rebirthing you Workshop 

Knowledge is power. 
When you feel strongly about your decisions you feel empowered. 
When you feel empowered you have a positive experience. 
Let me help guide you through this journey so you walk away from your birth feeling, powerful, empowered and have a positive birthing experience. 

What We'll Learn

〰️ Physiology of labour 
〰️ How our hormones work to birth our baby
〰️ Natural Pain management during labour 
〰️ active Birthing Positions
〰️ Fear in labour 
〰️ The power of language & why it matters
〰️ How to UTILISE your breath 
〰️ Postpartum Education 
〰️ Affirmation & Essential oil making  

All day event 8:30am- 3:30pm

PLUS a free goodie bag filled with:

〰️ journal to keep your notes nice and safe 
〰️ organic POSTPARTUM tea to sip in your newborn days 
〰️ Candle to light to keep your nights bright
〰️ free newborn mothers guide 
〰️ ReBIRTHING YOU booklet
〰️ discount to online e-book store 
〰️ free 1hr clarity call with me for any questions that might ARISE after the workshop 

Count me in!

Making time to learn doesn't have to be boring 

The Rebirthing You Workshop is for pregnant families that want to work as a team during their birth. A team that has each other's backs and knows what is important to them. 

This workshop is targeted at birthing people and their support person regardless if you are having a home birth, hospital birth or c-section. We cover all births and their possibilities, knowing that every birth is different and that no one birth is better than another. 

Please note this workshop does not go into detail about medical pain relief options but this can be discussed further privately or with your birthing team. 

Count me in!

A day jam-packed with knowledge, good vibes and creativity

You’ll make a birthing oil of your choosing on the day. One that feels right to you, one that you can smell and have lovingly rubbed on your body to ease those surges. What we’ll also make together is affirmation cards, these words will be your anchor, words that calm your mind and bring your body peace. 

Cards that can be hung up around your house allowing you to breathe them in daily. Giving you the confidence to birth your baby, your way! 
So Come Join Me at Cairns Birth Collective. All Day Event, Starting At 8:30am! Food Will Be Catered And We'll Be Ending Around 3:30pm.

Investment Rebirthing You workshop is an investment of 6 hours and $355 per couple.
 A deposit of $100 is required to secure your place with the total balance due 7 days prior to the workshop date.

Payment plans available  - Please reach out via email for more information!

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Q- Where is the event located? 
A- Cairns Birth Collective, Upstairs 12 Scott Street, Parramatta Park Cairns.

Q- What dates is the workshop available?
A- 16th April, 21st May & 25th June. 

Q- Is this workshop only targeted at couples?
A- NO! This is targeted at you the birthing person and your birth support. That can be a friend, your mother or a trusted someone who will be there on the day of your birth. 

Q- Is The ReBirthing You Workshop a Hypnobirthing workshop?
A- No. Hypnobirthing Australia is a brand of its own right and has courses available. However, ReBirthing You Workshop offers breathing Techniques, how fear contributes during labour, how to use natural pain management techniques and much more!

Q- Is this course suitable if I'm planning for a VBAC?
A- YES! The Rebirthing You Workshop can help you prepare for a VBAC by teaching you about the role of hormones in labour and birth, how your birth environment impacts the processes of labour, how your birthing partner plays an important role and gives you many hands-on tools to use during your labour. 

Q- When is the best time during my pregnancy to attend this course?
A- I recommend attending The Rebirthing You Workshop during your second or early third trimester, ideally somewhere between 25-35 weeks pregnant. That said, education at any stage of pregnancy is a great decision and if you would like to grab a spot you are MOST welcome. 

Q- What are the benefits of taking childbirth education class?
A- Childbirth Classes encourage you and your birthing partner to become a team and gain the knowledge to add to your tool bag for your labour. It gives you practical and hands on skills that will assist with a positive birthing experience. They help you both understand the process of birth, giving you the skills to approach birth & postpartum with confidence. 

All your questions answered here

Kind Words

For me education is power. So accessing a course like The Rebirthing You Workshop today feels like a game changer. Learning about how my partner can practically approach labour and birth fills me with confidence and helps to alleviate those fears. We covered so much more than in the birth education I did with my firstborn, where we learnt about when to call the hospital and what interventions are available.

We learned about physiological birth, what that really means and the benefits.
We learned hands on counter pressure, acupressure and massage techniques to handle contractions.
We worked on affirmations and made our own massage oils.
We received a goodie bag that included a massive amount of nourishing recipes and a journal for us to take into our birth prep and postpartum.
We talked about a postpartum plan and what’s really needed for us to heal.

And every woman + partner there was seen and heard 💗

There was so much more too, honestly Perri has done amazing with the content and inclusions. I can honestly say this was the birth prep I needed the first time, but I’m so grateful to be entering my second birth with a new world of knowledge on board.

Yes, it’s true that you don’t know what birth is like until you do it and every birth is different. But I truely believe that my first experience can’t be put down to being a first time mum and that there is also a gap in birth education, which is being filled by courses like this. So thank you Perri for being an integral part of restoring my confidence around birth.





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