full birth

10 Hours of virtual tailored support, covering any questions, fears or unknowns for your pregnancy, labour & postpartum 

Guidance & support from me the whole way through your pregnancy and birth attendance.


Postpartum Support

Weekly in house visits for postpartum healing support, massage, meal drops, emotional support and mothering the mother. 

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Giving you the light bulb moments that allow you to feel empowered 

Expectant parents today have more options than ever when it comes to support during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum! It can feel overwhelming with the choices options and thought of knowing whats right for you. If you feel called to my work but don't live in Cairns, one option that's gaining popularity is the virtual doula, offering remote emotional and informational support through video calls, text messaging, and email.

With a virtual doula, you'll have a me (trained professional) by your side every step of the way, offering guidance and reassurance as you navigate this exciting and sometimes overwhelming time. Whether you're looking for help with birth mapping, emotional support during labour, or postpartum care and education, I can offer a range of services tailored to your unique needs.

Best of all, because being a virtual doula means I work remotely, you can receive support from anywhere and at any time, making it a convenient option for busy parents or those who may not have access to in-person doula services. 

you might be drawn to my wokr, beliefs and philosophy around birth. 

If you don't live in my service area but are drawn to working with me, don't let that be a deterring factor. Allow me to walk alongside you, giving you support and guidance throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

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We'll do all the juicy things together like a in person doula, but just virtually!  

We'll meet together for 2hrs over the course of 5 sessions together. 
Each session is tailored to your needs and wants around this pregnancy, brith & postpartum. 
You'll also have access to me via Voxer throughout our time together & also 
the option to be on call support for you during your labour.

Hello there future birther!

SO by now you know what a Doula is & you know how amazing we are.

So it’s no surprise that you want to have someone special to walk alongside you, through one of the biggest transformations a mother can go through – Maiden to Mother –

It’s an honour to support families, women and mothers through welcoming a new addition into their homes. I take my role as someone who walks alongside you, a guide and mentor that empowers you to make the right decision for you and your family. 
Through education, deep conversations and having a safe place, I truly believe that this is right mix of goodies that can shape your experience into a positive one. 

Birth is raw and vulnerable, so ensure that the people who fill the room come with their highest intention to protect the mother and space. 

Working with me is a journey of self discovery and empowerment, our time together is as unique as you are, making sure that you are learning what you need to, to prepare you for your rebirth and postpartum period. 

The full bloom

Birth map writing & planning 

Breath work

Fear work

Practice different labour positions and pain relief options 

Education on what a physiological birth is 

Partner education for supporting you in labour

Plan what an empowered birth that is for YOU, where you are at the centre of your decision making 

Previous birth discussion and truama release 

Postpartum PREPARATIOn with knowledge on the importance of the Golden Month 


Our time together will be spent preparing for your birth face to face before you estimated due date. Our sessions can be as hands on as you feel OR maybe you just want to use our time together mentally & emotionally preparing. 

what we'll Definitely do together is:

ALL I want you to know is that our time together is all about YOU, 

During your pregnancy I will be available via Voxer for any concerns, thoughts or feels you may have.
When our eight hours together are over I will be on call two weeks before and after your estimated due date.
Come your birth as your Doula I will be your support, I will hold you physically & emotionally all while respecting YOUR birth wises and making them a reality.

You have worked hard together during your pregnancy to get to a place of knowledge & trust in your body and the birthing process. Just know I’ll be there guiding you when you feel lost, I’ll give you strength when you transition and say you want to go home ( trust me this happens, I looked my doula dead in the eyes and told her I wanted to go home, oh those transition feels! ) & most of all I’ll be there the very moment we welcome your babe earthside.

After the birth of your baby, we will meet one last time. A in home postpartum visit, which can be spent with physical healing , emotional support or practical support around the home. 

We’ll say goodbye with a loving hug and I’ll hold you all in my heart FOREVER.
Every birth makes an impact on my life where I learn, grown and transform with you. It is always an honour and something that absolutely makes my heart sing that I get to be apart of the most magical experience we are so lucky to go through as humans.

You decide what you want and we'll make it happen.

Lets Doula This!



Hey there Mumma! 

Welcome to your POSTPARTUM, together we will create a safe space that healing can happen, to set you up for the next 40YRS OF LIFE.

The Golden Month is a term to describe the 6 week period following birth (but don't forget that postpartum is forever). Chinese culture believes that the mother and baby are to stay at home in bed & rest with family and friends to tend to their every need.

Unfortunately, the day and age we live in now does not allow mothers this grace, add additional children in the mix and it can become quite chaotic. BUT there are very realistic and practical things you can do before birth to set yourself up in a positive way to achieve maximum post-birth healing. This is important to do to prevent further illnesses that can pop up months or years down the track.

Postpartum is a time full of changes, for you and your baby. A time of learning, growth and slowness. When you feel supported and love this can transform you into a new way of being. Unfortunately when women are walking into their postpartum with little support and guidance, this can impact in a negative way. 


Hiring a postpartum Doula is someone who provides support and guidance to families when they bring their little wee human home.

We’re here to make sure you rest and stay in bed for as LONG as possible! My focus is on You, I’m there to make sure you’re eating nutritional food, staying hydrated, emotionally connecting with yourself & focusing on your baby’s needs. 

Postpartum Doulas are there to ensure a smooth transition during your first six weeks(or more) at home as a family. The newborn phase can be a complete rollercoaster, with so many emotional highs and very big lows. I want you to know that this is all normal and you’re supported and allowed to heal - you’ll ride this rollercoaster with confidence and grace!


- Birth debrief 

- Physical healing through bodywork (massage, reiki and belly binding)

- Nutritional food drop at every visit 

- Emotional support when you’re feeling lost and lonely 

- Mothering the Mother, let me hold the baby while you sleep, shower or spend some time filling your cup 

- Other siblings? Don’t worry we’ll have fun together while you take some rest 

- Light house duties to make sure you’re resting at every opportunity you get

- working through healthy boundaries so your needs are meet and you feel supported by those around you 

plus much more!  

Here are a few things our time together will be spent on:

Working with me as your Postpartum Doula is made to feel seamless, let me take the load off you so you can be           with your 



tHE add on's

Whether we're already working together or you feel called to connect with some of my other offerings, know that this time is as unique as you, so please ask how I can better serve you!

〰️ Additional 2hr Planning session $220
〰️ Additional postpartum visits, this could be an extra visit a week or extending our time for up to 12 weeks postpartum ( prices change subject to hours ) 
〰️ Pregnancy Massage and Reiki 1.5hrs $120
〰️ Meal and Snack Drops without the in-house visits ( prices subject to how many meal drops ) 
〰️ ReBirthing You Workshop $355
 〰️ Birth & Postpartum book located on my website $39
〰️ Birth Pool Hire $200
〰️ TENS Machine Hire $70

I’ll not only be there emotionally for you but guide you with up to date information so you feel at ease with your transition from MAIDEN to mother. 

Reach out to learn more about how I can be of service to you.

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